Jun 20

Florida State Senator Don Gaetz comes to Chipley

senator don gaetz 265x300 Florida State Senator Don Gaetz comes to ChipleyCleave Drummond, along with the rest of the family got to meet with Florida State Senator Don Gaetz on Tuesday of this past week when he met with local Washington County residents at the Washington County Ag Center near City Hall. Unfortunately, we missed the time when the media was there in the morning, but made it for the afternoon session after we picked Will up from the Washington-Holmes Vo-Tech right across the street.

Sen. Gaetz’s staff was very friendly, and happy to see everyone. Cleave told him flat out that he was running for U.S. House Rep for FL Dis-2, and why. He told Cleave he had a bumpy road ahead of him. Ann Romney said supporting her husband in his campaign was really hard. Well, Mrs. Romney, try doing the same thing as a member of the bottom rung of the 99%, then tell me it’s hard!

We learned that there have been lots of infrastructure projects in the works for areas in NW Florida, and how surprisingly, standardized testing scores have jumped from 47th in the country to 5th. We’ve also learned about the trend in secondary education, and how more jobs are not requiring college degrees, but instead, trades training. Will must have seen that coming, because he’s in his third year in Carpentry at the Vo-Tech.

We did not get much time, but what we did get was informative and gave us some new light into old subjects, and new directions to go in. It seems that our people in Tallahassee are getting the job done. Now, we need to send someone to Washington that can do the same thing. Let’s get Washington County to Washington D.C.!

Jun 12

Having to cancel, sadly….

chipley Having to cancel, sadly....We were really looking forward to seeing everyone at the Jefferson County Watermelon Festival this weekend of June 14-15. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to make it. However, the Panhandle Watermelon Festival takes place only two weeks after this, and this is William Drummond’s home turf. If we don’t see you in Monticello, then partake of the sweet melons in Chipley. Find out what changes can take place in your own backyard when you put one of your own on the Hill.

I do hope everyone who can make it to Monticello enjoys the great food, fun, and even the scary ghost tours, because this historic town has so much to offer. It was even featured on Syfy’s Haunted Collector a week or so ago. Have a great time, and we hope to see you at in Chipley on June 28 and 29.

Jun 04

Drummond For Congress at the Jefferson County Watermelon Festival

jeffh20fest 194x300 Drummond For Congress at the Jefferson County Watermelon FestivalJune brings in lots of fun and some not so fun things in Florida. So hurricane season has started, but so has the summer festivals! On the weekend of June 14th and 15th, Cleave and Will are going to making the rounds again. This time it is in historical Monticello, Florida. A place known for classic Southern hospitality, architecture, and even some old-fashioned paranormal activity!

We are still attempting to get Cleave on the ballot, so there is time before June of 2014, but we really hope to be on the official ballot come Election Day in the mid-terms. Change can only come from those who really want to make it happen, and are tired of going with the flow, or keeping up with the status quo. Go for some balance, and give Cleave a chance to run against Steve Southerland and Gwen Graham next year. He might not have all the PACs and backing they do, but he will listen to what you have to say, face to face. Just show up, sign on, and help him make that change.

Find out more about the festival here, and if you miss him in Monticello, you can also catch up with him at a very local level in our hometown of Chipley at their own watermelon festival at the end of June.

Jun 04

Why run for the Reform Party?

WeNeedYou 300x300 150x150 Why run for the Reform Party?I am asked at the festivals and events that I attend why I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I personally do not think or feel that those 2 parties, just 2 out of the 40 plus parties in this country, do not really have the American people’s interests at heart. When I express this to those that ask I am told that is just the way things are and to go against that is un-American. They tell me that if I am not an Independent or a member of the other 2 power houses that I will never get anywhere in politics.

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine if our founding fathers would have had that same view point? Can you imagine them saying that they just have to go with the flow because that is the way that things are? Of course you can’t. They took a stand for what they believe in just as I am taking a stand against the 2 party system. A system that was never envisioned by our founders when there were many parties that were involved in government. The 2 party system never because a factor until over 100 years after the first Continental Congress. Then they believed that those that were elected to server were actually the servants of the people, all of them, not just a few privileged few. They had just fought a war to get rid of that kind of government. Yet here we are again.

I have also found that many individuals say that voting for anything other then a Republican or a Democrat is a vote wasted. Your vote is for yourself and what you believe in, it is not some mystical lottery to see who is going to get to tell you what to do. Your vote is to be used express how you feel about the government and who you want to represent what you want to be done in government. A representative is by definition a person that is supposed to represent the wishes of those that told them to represent them. If you want the Democrat and the Republican parties to continue to misrepresent all but a select few, just vote them out.

It really is that simple. It has to start somewhere and where it starts in government is that of the voting booth. When you go to vote you are alone and in a private area where you are able to express your opinion of government and those that are running for office. It is a place where you have a voice, where your opinion has weight and does matter. Even if your chosen candidate or cause doesn’t win it still sends a message that you want something different. Your vote does matter and no vote is ever wasted as each vote is counted and it shows those that do win what the people really want. As long as you just keep going the status quo then you are telling those that are “In Power” that you want to be their slaves and be subservient to their whims and wishes as they tell you that you just have to suck it up and get with the program.

Now I know that the above statement might be offensive to some but I am not running to sugar coat realities. I am running because those country needs people that are just not going to go with the flow. I am running because I know that no matter what my vote does indeed count and I take great offense to anyone telling me that it does not count or that I do not count since I am not running on a Democrat or a Republican ticket. I am a person that believes in this country and its people even if those people, not all but some, feel they can not believe in it. I know that things can be done better and that we can go forward and be the great nation that we once were again. A nation where if you wanted to work you could actually find a job that paid the bills. A country where if you wanted to better yourself you could do so without having to be massively in debt. A country that the entire world looked up to, even its enemies.

So why Reform? Our country needs reform and it believe in the concepts of the part. I believe that the budget needs to be balanced while protecting those that are unable to protect themselves. I believe that we need policies and programs in place that will once again allow small business to grow and flourish for it is those businesses that are going to put people back to work. I believe that we do have to have regulations in place that will help to keep businesses and officials honest and will be able to foster growth in both our economy and reduce the waste and costs of our government.

These are just a few of the reasons Why I Am Reform and plan to stay that way for a very long time. So I invite you come and talk to me at any of the events that I attend and will always be willing to show up to any place that asks me to talk about and explain my campaign. I am running for Congress to prove that there is more then just one voice in this country, that there is more then just 2 parties in this district. I am running for Congress to represent the people that live and work in the district and for those that want to see change in Washington so that our country, the United States of America, can flourish and be the center of economic progress once again.

WeNeedYou 300x300 Why run for the Reform Party?

We Need You – Only you can vote for Reform

  • Volunteers Welcome And Needed
    volunteer 290 150x150 Why run for the Reform Party? If you would like to volunteer to help out with the campaign we would like to hear from you. You can use the contact page to send us an email about what it is that you can do to help the campaign. You can also find more information about helping by visiting our How You Can Help page.
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