Jobs are the number one issue. There are not enough jobs to go around. The nation and local community are suffering from it. We need to attract more jobs to this area in a way that will benefit all that live here. If we have more jobs, and more people working, then we are going to have a stronger economy.

I want to do whatever I can to make sure that the entire district has the jobs it needs, so that the whole district can grow and prosper. I am not talking about just throwing money out there, and seeing what happens. I am talking about manufacturing, tourism, and high technically jobs that will put people back to work. I also want to see good paying jobs that don’t require a master’s degree to qualify for. The time of requiring that a person has a degree, where a certification would do, has to stop. If a person can be trained on the job, then incentives for that have to be put into place.

Fiscal Responsibility

I want to make sure that OUR Government is in order. If we as taxpayers, home owners and renters have to make sure everything is paid for, then the Government has to as well. I am not talking about the U.S. Government borrowing its way to payday, I am talking about going back to a time when there was a surplus. Back to a time when Congress made sure that everything was paid for without jeopardizing our children’s future. We need to make sure that the Government is balancing the books on responsibility and not on debt.

If the Government’s budget is balanced, and written responsibly, we would not have to worry about the economy as much as we have to right now. It is no wonder that people are angry and taking to the streets. It is the senseless spending on bailouts and corporate pay-offs that have us where we are right now. We need to take back the Government and make it responsible in how it handles its finances as well as its responsibilities. I believe that both are possible.

Many of you know just how bad the roads can get at times. Imagine what they would be like if there was no funding for rail and roads. We need to make sure that the funds are there to be able to make sure that the transportation system is running smoothly. If they are not running smoothly, then how would anything be delivered to the store? How would you get your mail? How would you receive packages? Without a solid transportation system, there would be no economic growth at all.

We need to make sure that our roads and railways and shipping lanes are kept in good order. If we make sure that they are, then we will have the means to see jobs in the area as well as economic growth. We don’t need the Department of Transportation downsized. Instead we need to make sure that it is well-funded on the state, county and city levels. We want to make sure that the tourists and all the goods shipped can get to us. If we lose that then we lose everything.

The Economy

You will notice that the three issues that I have touched on have all been dealing with the economy and its lack of growth. We need to see that people are able to safely travel though our area, and the only way to do that is with a strong and working rail, road, and seaway system. If we have those systems in place, then we can see strong job growth, not only in maintaining that system but with new jobs as well. With those jobs, you have people that pay taxes and those taxes, not debt, is what is needed to make the entire country prosper.

It is time for a change in Washington D.C. We need leadership that is going to listen to the people, and not just those whom will pay them the most money. We need a Government that is of the people, by the people, for the people so that it will not perish from the earth.


The only way to make sure that our children can be competitive in the job market we have to give them a good education. Right now our education system is geared more to the test then to actually teaching our children. Arts and penmanship are falling to the wayside to make sure that there is money to pay for test taking. Music and drama are being pulled as they are not seen as important to taking tests. Basic shop and home economics are not being given as they are seen as not being relevant. These wholesale slashing of education has to stop!

If we want to once again be the leader in education and jobs then we have to have a solid foundation. Our teachers have to be able to teach and be able to specialize in the subjects that they teach. It is the only way that we can properly prepare our children and even those going back to school to get a better job. If we continue to focus on only the test scores then we are doing nothing more then dumbing down our future. If we do not change the way that we instruct our students then our country is in for a very sad future in deed. If a student can not even sign their own name to fill out a hand written job form then what hope do they ever have at getting a good paying job?

Science, math, history and the arts are needed for a well rounded education. Even basic shop, mechanics and home economics allow a student to learn and grasp so much more. It challenges the mind and is not just rote memorization. The students learn to use their mind in problem solving and in turn are able to be more productive members of society. When a person can think on their feet and get the job done you improve the nation for everyone. Teaching a person how to memorize an answer and fill in a circle is treating the student as if they were a monkey in a glass cage, in my opinion. Isn’t it time that we actually get back to the basics so our students and this nation excel and prosper?