The Economy

The only issue that unites all Americans is the issue of the economy. A thriving economy is the key to personal success, technological advance, and a strong nation. The recession hit the Second District hard. There are not enough jobs to go around. The people of the Second District are struggling, and Washington needs to help.

I will make it my mission to help create an economic environment where people can pass or fail upon their own merits. I will help create legislation that favors both small business, large business and the sole-proprietor evenly. I will work to reduce deficits, end free trade and bring American jobs back to the Union.

Fiscal Responsibility

The American government cannot spend its way out of debt. Our congressional representatives can only spend us into a bigger hole. I will work with other Congressional representation to balance budget, create a surplus, and begin repaying the American debt.

We have to do this responsibly in a way that safe guards our infrastructure, our national security, social security, and other safety net programs.  To do this I will work to find common sense  reforms for complex problems. I will not let the conservative slash and burn and I will not let the liberals tax and spend. I will find a moderate, centrist solution.


The only way to secure our children’s future is access to a quality education. Our system is broken, and geared towards teaching to a test. We need to build a system that allows our children to learn and interpret the world around them.

To be the leaders in education, we need a solid foundation. If we are going to prepare our students for the future, we need to focus more on specialized subjects, including science and math. We need our arts, history and elective courses to be well rounded. We also need to focus on problem solving, and helping students learn good studying skills.