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Apr 13

Teleconferance 4-16-2014 – 7pm Central

The Reform Party’s Communications Committee has been generous enough to loan me their teleconference line. I will hold a teleconference in which I will be talking about the issues that affect the Second District. I held a previous teleconference on April the 11th and I was blessed, because donors stepped out of the shadows to …

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Apr 12

10 Questions With William Drummond II

For Immediate Release – William Drummond is a well spoken man with subtle hints of his Southern raise. He pronounces each sound perfectly except he occasional “thanks” an idea or uses a local argot that would be unknown to those outside the region. He is polite, and speaks with genuine enthusiasm unlike most politicians, but …

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Dec 02

Rep. Steve Southerland’s

claiming that the high numbers of individuals is the defining moral issue of our times. This is the same Congressman that is leading the charge to cut 40 billion dollars cut from the program. The program that is keeping people feed when there would be no other way to get food. In a time when …

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Oct 17

A Win For America – But for how long?

It is all over the news that the President has signed into law a CR to keep the government open and to avert the debt ceiling crisis. This is a win for all Americans but I will in no way congratulate Congress on this farce they pushed on us, the citizens of the United States. …

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