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Jun 04

Why run for the Reform Party?

I am asked at the festivals and events that I attend why I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I personally do not think or feel that those 2 parties, just 2 out of the 40 plus parties in this country, do not really have the American people’s interests at heart. When I express …

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Mar 05

It is all about the vote

Just yesterday while taking my some to get his class ring made I saw something that is the main problem with voting these days. A woman told me that she isn’t into anything political as it doesn’t matter what she wants, those in power will get what they want and that there is nothing that …

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Feb 12

President’s State of the Union Speech

February 12th 2013 Watched the state of the union on CNN this night and of course everyone is running late. I don’t know of any state of the union that has ever started on time. CNN mentioned that Dems and Repubs were trying to sit in mixed groups to show that they are indeed wanting …

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Jan 02

Congratulation Congress

I would like to say Congratulation Congress on getting the job done but that would not be fair to the American people that you are supposed to be representing. While it is nice that you decided to back the Senates plan to avert the fiscal cliff is there a reason that you had to wait …

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