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Your questions to me as a candidate for Congress

DSCF0710 m e1324011575564 150x150 Your questions to me as a candidate for CongressAt the various events that I have been attending you all have been asking questions of me and hopefully this post will answer many of them for you. If you don’t find the question or answer here then by all means please use the contact form or even comment on my videos to let me know what it is you need to know about me. I want to make sure that you know who I am and what I stand for, which I honestly think is standing for you, the residents of the district that I live in.

One of the many questions asked is that of my religious beliefs. While I whole heatedly believe in the separation of church and state many of you want to know where I stand. I can tell you with 100% honesty that I believe in the divine and that we are more then just a cosmic accident. As to personal faith, that is between me and my creator but I do believe that divine helps to guide us all to being better people. Guides us to help one another so that we can achieve what sometimes might not seem possible at all. Without the divine we would have no sanity in this world at all. With that said you could say that I am a Deist since I believe in the divine nature of the universe and religions.

Quite a few of you are asking if I am a Democrat or a Republican. It might not seem it but there are more parties in this nation then just those two. You have also asked what way I am leaning, to the left or the right. One, I am a member of the Reform Party. A party that wants to see balance in government in both the policies it makes as well as in the financing of it. We can’t just think of something as either left or right but have to look instead at what needs to be done on each item and not just lump them all together. So one something things I might be fore right, some others in the center and other may even be on the left. I know that is not the answer you want but when you are painting with a very broad brush, the brush does not see the variations in the canvas but tries to cover it all.

Another question I have been asked is how I view Social Security and so called entitlement programs. Whoever came up with the entitlement programs plug should be made to publicly apologize to all the hard working people of this nation. Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare are something that every working person has paid into. I don’t care if some think it should not have been set up in the first place, it is here now and being used. It is a retirement program simple put. Sure it is used for other things that need to have better management and reform but the core program needs to be shored up and continued. Pushing back the retirement age doesn’t mean a thing, that just means that those in power hope that people die off before they are able to collect. They don’t want to let any of that money go. If a person is forced to retire from their place of work at 60 to 65 what the hell are they supposed to do for the next 10 to 15 years or more waiting for their retirement that they paid into. Some people that is all they have since they didn’t make enough while working to be able to save. Social Security is supposed to be for our seniors and in some cases those that have no way to take care of themselves because people wont hire them due to misfortune or disability. If you pay into it you should get it back when you need it the most.

Another topic that you have been asking me about is that of abortion, contraceptives and reproductive rights or women. I don’t think the government has any right to dictate what you can do with your bodies. I know that abortion is a tough topic for some and personally I don’t like it but I will not stand in the way of a woman who is so far gone that they have a need either physically or emotionally to have the procedure done. I know that many religions do not believe in it and call it murder but think of this, if the child kills the mother will you hold it accountable and make it go to jail for life for the so called murder of its mother? You sure want the woman to suffer forever if they so called kill the child before it is born. You can not have it both ways. If the mother is accountable for what she does then the child is as well, think about that.

The thing about emotional subjects is that they are emotional. They are tough subjects and many a politician and clergy will use them to ignite those that they are talking to. Many times there is no logic in what they are saying as they are not looking at it from all angles, just the one that they want to. The same can be said with contraceptives. Many say that to even use one the woman is guilty of murder as it does not allow the egg to be fertilized during sex. By that same token and thinking every person that is sterile is guilty of murder for they will never be able to fertilize and egg. You have to look at it from all angles and not just the one that you want. Sure it will hurt to look at it that way but the only way that you can be fair is to do it that way. You want to have fertility enhancing drugs be promoted and legal but you don’t want anything that might improve the health of women. That is a double standard and makes women slaves to the whims of men. I thought we passed laws to do away with slavery and you want to bring it back? Shame on you all. Do you want your daughters to be slaves to the whims of men just because they can give birth? Shame on anyone that would think that way.

As to jobs, many think that I am just trying to run my mouth. So what, we need the jobs anyway. Some say I am just pandering to get votes, well I am not. I am not rich, I am a person like everyone else. If I had money like the rich then I could just pay the Supervisor of Elections 10 grand plus and just be on the ballot. I am not rich so I am seeking ballot access by collecting signatures. I am willing to meet each one of you and talk to you to try and get those signatures and that is why you are seeing me at the various different events in the area. I want to earn those signatures but keep this in mind, for every time you don’t sign a ballot petition you are saying that you are happy with the way things are in Washington and in our district. Every time that you say I am not going to sign because you don’t know a person you are saying that you don’t care that the person that is in office might be not representing you. Every time that you don’t get involved you are saying that you don’t care what is going on, that you like how your nation is being treated and torn apart. Every time you say you wont get involved you are saying that you really are not an American at all, you are just some person who is just taking up space.

It is time for a change!

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