Mar 19

Thank you Bonifay’s Down Home Street Festival

I would like to thank all those that came to the festival to help out all the great causes that were there this year. You all sure do know how to make people feel welcome and a part of the community. I know that me and my family had a wonderful time there, though we did get a bit sunburned.

(A note to all who campaign or work as signature gatherers, make sure to use sunscreen and to have some shade. Our pop-up awning was delayed and we are still red as a lobster)

I wish I could name everyone that stopped by to see us but that list would be very long indeed. We had over 160 signatures and many others that just were not able to sign but wished that they could. Make sure that you all get registered and come see us at the next event that we go to and we will be happy to have you sign. As to the ones that would not help out, some I respected while others I could not understand. If you are a registered voter your information is already public and signing a petition would not open you up to any privacy concerns then you already have been exposed to. Its already public record. As to the ones that just didn’t want to get involved, remember that you have no right to complain when something goes wrong.

Everyone, make sure you register to vote and use your Constitutionally protected right to vote. When you vote you are saying that you are a true American and want to see that your nation has the best that it can be. Be involved in the political process, if not for me in my campaign then get involved in the ones that are near you. The point is make sure you try and be a part of this nation and not just watch it pass you by. Your vote or your involvement just might make the difference on whither this nation will fall apart or not.

Here are some pictures that were taken at the fair and you can see videos taken at the event at our YouTube page DrummondForCongress

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