Aug 13

Andre Barnett for President

Andre Barnett for President 2012 279x300 Andre Barnett for PresidentThe Reform Party National Convention has chosen Andre Barnett for President and Ken Cross as his Vice President for the 2012 election this year. Congratulations to them both!

This past weekend Aug. 10th through Aug 12th 2012 I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Reform Party National Convention that was held in Philadelphia PA this year. It was held at the Hilton Garden Inn. I was there as both a delegate and a state party representative. I was also a Conference Chairman pro tem at one point in the convention.

At the conference I meet with all of the candidates Andre Barnett, Edward Chlapowski and Kenneth Cross. All were very knowledgeable men and had many great ideas for this country. From the consensus of those that I spoke with it was a tough decision to choose who it would be to represent the Reform Party in the general election this year. Due to that fact the Party chose to use approval voting to choose our candidates.

It was stated at the convention that we are the only party that has selected our Presidential Nominee through approval voting.

I meet personally with all three candidates and spent time getting to know them and their views. I can personally tell you that they are all great, talented, and knowledgeable men that only want to serve their country the best way that they can. They want to see our country grow and prosper in ways that it just really hasn’t been able to do. Each had their own views about how to get the job done but the common thread of all was the reemployment of America so that our economy can grow as well as a reduction in the size of our government so that it can better get the job done. They truly do want to see this great nation of our prosper and become once again the great economic leader of the world.

I would like to personally congratulate both men as they set our to talk to those in this great nation of ours.

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  1. Clay Shentrup

    It’s awesome that they used Approval Voting. Hopefully that’s a sign of things to come from the Green Party and Libertarian Party et al.

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